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11- Inner City Woes

Not too long after the thugs had made themselves scarce, a city guard arrived to the scene, Ayi noticed his presence because she could actually feel the intense stare upon them.

The guard stood within the same tunnel Feugan came from, even though he had said nary a word it could be easily seen he was without a doubt part of the inner city guard. With the main factions of guards involved in the city being the City Guard, the Royal guards and the Holy knights [XS1] . He stood there, wearing a simple yet well maintained studded leather armor, bearing the colors of the city guard, a hauberk underneath, unadorned simple yet sturdy gaunglets and greaves, with a hand placed on the hilt of a longsword at his left hip, a small shield bearing the City’s shield of arms strapped to the left arm. A quick glance at him told Ayi this man was no pushover. While seemingly just standing still, Ayi was certain she was already engaged in a battle of sorts, the two of them measuring each other. Without breaking eye contact, the imposing dark haired man lifted a hand pointing towards Feugan.

“Oe. Is your lizard mount here poty trained?!”

And there it went, all sense of danger and combative pressure whatsoever, washed away in the so ever constant waves of randomness that kept slowly eroding at Ayi’s sense of normality. She truly believed that even in fantasy worlds, there would have to be a modicum of normality, but this very day in which she was given the chance, everyone just kept trampling over her beliefs.

“He-He certainly is!!, He might not look like it but Feugan is properly educated and respectable citiz… er... dragon!” exclaimed the little wolfkin maid.

Ayi found herself again at a loss of words, not because of the whole exchange, truly it was praise worthy for Zoey to be standing up for Feugan, as he himself had no way to defend his own honor on the matter. But, truly, Feugan, are you a little kid? One doesn’t really need to be a beastmaster or a dragon expert to realize you are angry and fuming over there.

“What does she mean ‘might not look like it’?, I am but a gallant noble warrior dragon at the service of my master”

Ayi, slowly covered her face with her hands, she took a couple slow deep breaths, then she gently patted the little wolfkin girl’s head and earnestly replied to the guard.

“Yes… he is… But more importantly, some lowlifes just attacked us, they tried to rob us and I had to defend us until Feugan came to assist us”

She tried to not sound angry while stating her words, she half-expected the guard to find them guilty of something with no fundaments, or accuse them of lying to him just to avoid some sort of ticketing, execting bribery of sorts to let Feugan roam the streets. The guard stared at her again, then he turned his gaze to a spot on the paved floor, there was a big puddle of blood, most likely from the offender. The guard took a few steps drawing closer to Ayi, disregarding Feugan completely almost as if a dragon the size of a midsized car (and quite possibly the same weight) was no real concern at all.

“Ok now, hear me out here, I ask of Y’ALL to please not be usin any’all skills of tae ‘Brutal Series’, at least within the inner city walls, I daen care if ya do it outside tae walls or even in da palace, but dis is de sort of stuff that scares tae citizens, ill hafta do a lotta paperwork everysingle time to boot too. There already bein some discontent on why is ‘adecuate’ for dem adventure’s ta use selfdefense when dem taxes be payin for us guards. otarwise tae general population will think start thinkin any (and all) adventurer could be the infamous vigilante…”

At this point the guard kept staring at Ayi, she then realized he has been leading the conversation to this specific point, quite possible suspecting of her being the aforementioned vigilante, after retaliating on the local criminals. Being targeted and attacked by ruffians was bad enough, but suspected of being an ill reputed character (and on day 1!) by local authorities was a really bad twist of events.

Facts that were not as disturbing as the guard’s intense gaze fixed on her, or as how it seemed like he was blowing steam through his nostrils while he kept impatiently taping his foot on the stone floor, or was he scrapping something off his sole?, while looking at her with eyes full of suspicion. Wait, what is he? a bull? The intense glare on her made it feel like she was looking straight to the face to such a fierce animal somehow…

With a last exasperated blow of steam from his nostrils (just how?!), the guard looked to the side with an annoyed look on his face, taking a leather-bound notebook from his pack, upon opening and flipping past a few pages he proceeded at writing something in it, tearing the sheet and giving it to Ayi.

“Its ways difficult tellin dem good ‘venturers from bad ones, please daent be commin here makin mah job non any hardr!

With that said he just went and left, not the same way he came from, but rather following the path the thugs went away. Ayi was barely able to do anything else but to watch him leave as she was still very confused by the huge change in the guard’s manner and way of speaking , did he just drop all formalities once he deemed her not to be the supposed vigilante?

As the guard became closer to the alleyway, Ayi could almost swear she heard him sniffling once he got to the alley, but she wasn’t quite sure, as the guard just left with a swift bold pace as if he was convinced he wouldn’t get lost in the labyrinthical inner streets and countless alleys within the kingdom’s inner city.

Still somewhat confused by the sudden rush of actions and responses performed by the guard, Ayi took a look at the torn paper in her hand, it only said a name and address. She was of course again confused on what would all (and she basically meant ALL of the guards actions meant) mean, then again she just had begun to accepting this was a different world just before the guard appeared, so by now she was just coming to terms on accepting the unexpected and be prepared.

It’s quite remarkable how even though she prepared her mind and heart for this, on such an almost unhuman degree, that it would have set her as a top poker player in her former world (if she could play cards at all, that is). She would never be able to accomplish an estate where she wasn’t utterly confused by the actions and plans of her friends within this new world.

“It is most likely the address of a healer, Mistress”

Now again, quite confused, just now by a whole different person, Ayi looked to Zoey with a big bright, bold-lettered and non-existent (yet so very present) "How do you know this" sign on her face.

“I-I could feel the intention of the guard to have your injuries treated, after he was not suspicious of you anymore that’s it. He was quite fixated on the zone where that scoundrel landed a hit on your face!” answered the little Wolfkin maid, to the very obvious question plastered on her Mistress’s face.

Ayi nodded, taking her cute child’s words at face value, completely disregarding the fact that Zoey didn’t actually answer the “how” in the question, she just repeated “It’s ok, it’s a fantasy world” in her mind a couple times to calm herself [XS2]

So she took the little wolfskin’s hand, then nodded to Feugan acknowledging the gallant dragon mount and then they headed to the address they were given. They would need to stock on medicines at some point anyway, or at least she was sure that even if she had some in her mannor, but not being sure of anything anymore, it would be wise to get an idea of what the local medicines were like, how much they cost and even the scarcity of them. Items to keep your health top notch were always in demand for those involved in the adventuring business. So, all in all, this was a very agreeable turn of events. Thank you… nameless mister Guard… shoot…

“Zoey, did you get the name of that Guard that came just now?”

The little Wofkin girl perked up her fluffy ears and her eyes widened upon realizing what entailed on that question, after being given such favorable treatment by a guard with which they might end up meeting on a common basis, it would be rather rude to just call him “Mister Guard”. Upon putting her head onto the task, she realized she had been calling him “Mister Guard” for over a couple weeks by now. Awkward.

“N-no, I didn’t… b-but! We could introduce ourselves properly and give him a 'thank-you gift' of sorts for all his help!”
Yosh. Good save Zoey!

“I-I see. Hmmm… yeah, it’s a good idea, thank you, Zoey” Ayi smiled warmly and gave the little maid a gentle pat on her head. Such a good little girl.

In reality, all the guards on the southern side of the kingdom knew fairly well who Zoey was, just like all the merchants in the south district too. An unknown new face like Ayi’s would have required a lot more inquiries about where she came from and what were her business and intentions in the kingdom, it was not uncommon to see new adventurers come to the kingdom or to stay within the city, but they were to be properly questioned, then guided to the closest guild, so they could fill in their paperwork and be at either the adventurer’s guild or even the mercenaries guild, someone would fill in the adequate forms so they could be reluctantly received at the internal affair offices, filed by triplicate and most certainly lost in the inner archive. Ah, bureaucracy.

The only reason why they went in so smoothly was because the stationed guards at the time were quite delighted on the happy face on -their- “Snow maid princess”, having just assumed she was finally being accompanied by her so awaited Mistress, they just happily let them go through as they began filling in the paperwork for a newcomer to the kingdom on their own volition, while basking in the memory of the brightest smile they had witnessed to date. Triplicate D-20 forms were a small price to pay for the brightest smile in the kingdom during a cool winter’s morning [XS3] .

 [XS1]It is worth mentioning that while the Holy knights had as much authority as the other 2 factions, they were rarely seen within the city and more oft than not would be found in expeditions and holy missions. On the other hand, Mercenaries hired by nobles were easier to find within the inner city, but their authority or lack of it, lead them to just be figures of order within the territories and neighborhoods of their employers.

 [XS2]This would turn into a sort of Manthra for Ayi, repeating it over and over the craziest the situations turned around her.

 [XS3]Without knowing of it, Ayi had the vouch of one of the most influential persons within the kingdom. The “Snow Maid Princess” fan club had an extensive list of good natured people (and quite a number of doting idiots among their ranks too) with connections built on years of trust and care for others. Meetings held on Tuesdays and Saturdays, must have a recommendation.

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10- After a battle

Ayi found herself in quite a different situation now.

It was actually the same situation, but with just a whole different perspective. It was a deep thought for which she did not care the least bit, all she knew is things were different.

She was not in a dream. This was not a dream, the stinging pain on her cheek was a quite unfortunate and pulsing reminder that this was not a dream. The city guard trying his best to maintain his composure as an authority figure while giving them a speech about the importance of adequate registration of poty-trained mounts? That, that she could believe to be part of some sort of knocked-out allucination.

This was definitely real, her cute little Zoey was real, Feugan was real, the entire kingdom was real. All an impossible thing to believe, a huge thing to happen to a protagonist only in light novels, mangas and animes. But, first things first.

Zoey was real!! The overwhelmingly cute wolfkin maid was real! Was she her… adoptive daughter?! This particular point was very important to Ayi at this moment. It was so very important that the troubled city guard stood for some time wondering if his recommendations and advices were just lost to this particular adventurer. He kept offering advice to the temporarily “AFK” adventurer while she pondered on the finer points of isekai/reborn parenthood/guardianship. It was a whole philosophical trip for which Ayi was not prepared to undertake in the least.

The guard stood there some good time until Zoey herself took the reins of the conversation, Thanking the guard for his services and excusing her mistress during her “deep meditation time”, while promptly making a report on the would-be-robbers that attacked them.

With the guard long gone now, Ayi still trying to wrap her own mind about what was going on, now reviewing her whole morning to this point. Trying to make a list of the most important things that she might have missed, warnings, insightful thoughts that might have popped into her mind while still in her groggy state of self-doubt thinking all was but a dream, maybe there were signs that she might have disregarded. But most important. Zoey was real.

At some point during her inner tribulations about life, reality and uncompromising cuteness, Ayi just did a metaphorical shove-off-the-desk to all her concerns to this point and focused on the cute wolfkin maid that she wrapped with her arms. Which in return yelped in surprise first and then slowly returned the warm embrace.

It was during this time that she noticed that Feugan was close, all to close actually, she noticed this not-so-subtle approach because she suddenly felt his breathing on her shoulder. When she looked to the imposing mount she realized that feugan was sort of looking to the side while having his head down at her shoulder level. The imposing red dragon kinda resembled… a cat asking for some pettings?...

“I have gallantly rescued you”

Ayi’s eyes went wide at this, did she just -hear- Feugan?!, but wait a minute he didn’t move his mout at all! So did Ayi just imagine that just now or did-- Zoey then gave a chuckle that caught Ayi’s attention due to the little girls response, which seemed a little tired as well as a tad strained somehow.

“Yes, Feugan. You have rescued us today. Thank you very much.”

At this particular moment, Ayi was again wondering if she was within a dream, maybe the punch actually knocked her out? Or could have just shaken her too much and she was hearing things?

“I am but an honorable, mighty warrio

“Yes, you are lightning and death…” said the little wolfkin with a defeated and slightly tired tone, letting go of her mistress embrace in order to turn torward Feugan, stroking the Dragon’s neck, making him in turn put on airs of graceful acceptance of the praise (which he obviously asked for).

Ayi was already a confused mess before any such interaction like this transpired, her head was now just frozen in a complete overload of information, possibilities, questions.

“D-did Feugan just talk?!”

“Not really-“

“Yes, to let you know I have arrived, you are safe now

Zoey then started scratching on a particular spot on Feugan’s neck, making him trail off as he seemed to stretch his neck and slightly close his eyes as the little wolfkin girl started scratching 2 parts of the long scaled dragon’s neck. 
What is this? Is he a cat now?!

The little wolfkin girl gave a tired sigh and then gave a weary smile at Ayi.
“He is your spiritbound Dragon, so the two of you can communicate directly by your link without the need to talk”.

Ayi nodded knowingly, arms in front of her chest, her chin resting on her hand in a deep thoughtful expression with a marked resemblance to a certain famous sculpture.


This was just like in the game!! Feugan was her unique mount she worked hard to train, level and equip, it was part of the story that they were linked. In the grand scheme of things (which made no sense right now to be honest), it would make sense that if Feugan was here with her, they would be soulbound. If things suddenly started going onto such fantasy direction it would just make the right amount of sense? Gosh was this a philosophical question? Was this a fantasy question? Was this even a question? At this point she felt like it made much more sense to accept things as they were pesented to her and just try to move on from there. She pinched her cheek again, commiting the mistake of doing it so on the side of her face where she had earlier showed a fist who is the boss.

“W-wait! But then how come you can hear him too?!”

As the little girl gave a troubled smile back at the question, with her hand busy scratching at the Dragon (that seemed to be puffing full pride each time they mentioned him).

“I cant -hear- him. I can just understand his intentions and feelings. From that it is only a matter of figuring out what he wants”

That got Ayi’s attention, she then remembered that Zoey was supposed to be proficient with beastmaster skills. She just never really paid much attention to this since she focused mostly on how cute she was, and dresses… LOTS of cute frilly dresses. Anyway, yeah... It made a lot more of sense that Zoey could “understand” Feugan then… But just what was going on right now? Ayi gave Zoey a meaningful confused look and then pointed to Feugan, who was still fully engrossed on the little girl’s attentions.

The little wolfgirls eyes seemed to glaze over as she gave a somewhat tired expression.

“Feugan, he…” the little girl took a deep breath and then said in a too monotonous voice “Feugan is a brave and strong warior who has defended us from evil and injustice”.

Ayi couldn’t help to notice Feugan puffed his chest out at such a proclamation… Was Feugan, was he asking for praise? Well it was quite obvious he was… Just… just so many things going on at the same time. So just roll with it? Weirdly enough, an overly prideful dragon was fairly normal when put side to side to everything that had transpired on this day.

And so, the blonde catgirl adventurer and her wolfkin adoptive daughter spent the rest of their morning petting and praising their
-brave and valiant- Dragon companion.

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9- Too rude awakening

The little wolfkin girl was tightly holding the brim of her mistress clothes, time seemingly frozen in the singular moment in which all those involved were both perplexed and utterly confused, it remained still.

The scene remained still, for what seemed an eternity. Soon going back into motion, as pain gained room against confusion, and a cry full of disbelief and anguish echoed now on the stone walls of the pathway.

Still, mostly surprised by all that unfolded in front of her, a few things had all of Ayi’s attention during this time, much to her own surprise, the stinging sensation of pain on her cheek wasn’t even among the top 5 most concerning things going on right now.

Right now in her own head she was fiercely debating about which one of 2 things happening right now required her undivided attention, if that was even possible within the current situation.

These being namely. First (maybe?), the screaming thug she was holding by his unnaturally-twisted-and-obviously-broken arm, which, given her own posture, she could guess she had reacted with one of the many many self defense techniques she had to relentlessly practice as part of the armed forces training regimen, thus making her the sole individual responsible for his broken limb.

Grimacing in disgust by the thug loudly yelling too close to her, she just let go of the now dangling arm, focusing her attention on the less unsightly Second (perhaps?) object of her attention.

A light blue semi translucent windows seemed to have appeared right in front of her.

A very videogame-like window was right in front of her.

You have created unlocked a New skill!
-Cruel Retaliation- skill acquired!!

With her eyes fully fixated at this eerie window, several questions came to her mind. The most pervasive and redundant one being simple enough.


“WHAT IS THIS?! HOW?! Well… I suppose I know –how-, but then again, HOW?!”, she thought to herself, within the turmoil of thoughts that her mind was at.

She knew well enough which movement she had used. Years of practicing such movement, just to comply with armed forces standards, didn’t leave her any doubt of where she learned it. Although she had never used it once, and looking at the unsightly screaming thug, with a now useless right arm, pretty much answered the -why-.

As the videogame-like window slowly faded away, she couldn’t help but to fret on the many questions unanswered, which would have to wait.

After all, cowards rarely attack unless they feel absolute superiority is on their side.

Clicking her tongue at the sudden situation, she changed her posture, a well practiced unarmed combat stance, facing the two would-be robbers. A low stance, arms flexed and tense like a spring ready to snap at any moment, without fully realizing it, her big cat ears were turning in a very feline demeanor, instinctively letting her know if there were more people nearby.

Within a heartbeat she had changed gears for the current situation, with one hand she reached back and made sure Zoey was still safely behind her.

Putting idle thoughts aside, her focus was on the two standing in front of her, much to her own surprise she saw how their ugly faces twisted from an aggressive threatening scowl to a confused and then panicked state within a few seconds.

It was then when she heard several hurried steps behind her, she quickly thought about it, the panicked faces of the thugs in front of her made it unlikely to be reinforces for them, maybe a rival gang?. No. The 2 of them, turning heels just started running to the opposite direction.

This was the moment when Ayi couldn’t help herself and turned around to see just who, or what, was approaching them, just as the hurried footsteps started to turn onto a cacophony of weeps and sobs, clamoring for help, crying for mercy.

It was then that she saw what was most likely the rest of the gang running past Zoey and her, paying them no attention, running for their lives now. It was then that she heard them, heavy -Grandiose footsteps of justice-.

“What?!”, Ayi was again surprised and confused, her own thoughts and perception felt, no, they were altered when referring to those footsteps.

It was then that she saw him, coming from the tunnel, behind the helplessly running gang, with a -Majestic grace-.

“Is…Is that you, Feugan?!”

There was no other way to describe it. Her dragon companion, Feugan, was slowly approaching them, with firm and a rather self-important look to himself…

Now, Ayi couldn’t help but to squint her eyes and look with more attention at Feugan as he continued moving toward them in a rather slow pace as he…

“Is Feugan looking at the side… posing?...” Unable to keep her thoughts to herself, Ayi let out such a question, much to which Zoey seemed to react with a soft laughter as the little wolfkin girl relaxed a little.

Now, completely sure the thugs scurried to wherever. Ayi stared at Feugan, which remained on top some stairs on the way to them, maybe just 2-3 steps above them... Still looking to the side, almost like, lifting his chin and… wearing strips of broken leather on top of him?

All sense of danger long left Ayi, she was more confused by Feugan’s looks and attitude right now, was he trying to… to look cool? Where those strips of leather some sort of battle trophies? She remained agape for a moment, and much to her surprise Feugan seemed to puff his chest full of pride.

This majestic scene, full of magnanimousity and confusion would have continued much longer, were it not for a poor poor gate guard that came running, obviously after Feugan.

Panting and wheezing, he lifted a hand torwards Ayi and stood there, still trying to catch his breath.

“Ma… Ma’am! Is… is your mount pooty trained?! If he is not, he has to remain with the other mounts by the gate!!” he cried in an almost desperate for help voice. 

At this, Ayi couldn’t help but to chuckle, to the absurdity of the scene in front of her, as much as the sight of Feugan making an annoyed huff at such a claim torwards him.

8- One rude awakening

Once dismounted and now walking along the cobblestone paved streets of the kingdom, Ayi found herself again in awe by the sheer size of the place as well as the amount of people.

Particularly by the amount of people, which she found staggering. By her own standards, even a small gathering of people was already to be considered a crowd, a crowd she would rather not bother dealing with.

As they got closer to the market zone, they found themselves quickly leaving behind the small wooden houses closer to the gate, finding more stone and mortar edifications, shops, commercial residences and the like.

As they approached the market zone, the flow of people traversing the path seemed to only increase in exponential proportions, the streets were quite big and even with a big part of those paths being occupied by merchant carts and other kind of carriages, it felt like there was still very little room to move around.

Still, holding hands with Zoey only seemed to make the little girl happier, so there was that. By now the little wolfkin girl was taking the lead, practically pulling Ayi along as she would more often than not stop by and look at the buildings, entranced by the amazing level of detail she was definitely not familiar with.

Somehow the trip to the market was quite uneventful, Zoey went straight for a few stalls getting some choice fresh produce from each vendor, handling the transactions all on her own, making Ayi stare at her with a combination of tenderness and pride for the little girl, which at some point Zoey must have realized, because she stared at her and for a brief second she saw not the little girl’s bright smile but a small confident grin as she obviously puffed her little chest out.

A few stalls later, with a basket full of fruits, nuts, and what seemed to be some sort of meat, the both of them were walking towards a nice place to relax. Ayi imagined it was the floral gardens in front of the palace, she recalled the place being popular among players in order to take “cute picnic” pictures. Although she wasn’t quite sure now, because she was pretty sure Zoey mumbled something about “sure victory”.

With her insistence on looking at the whole place, almost too different to how Ayi remembered it, she soon found that Zoey had taken a different route to what she recalled being the shortest path to the palace and the gardens, but sure enough to lead you along more of the fancier and prettier residences to walk around.

Soon after a little stroll along the nicer part of the kingdom, Ayi now managed to pull the little wolfkin girl behind her, soon finding herself compelled to go and take a brief look at the craftsman guilds near the docks, mostly out of curiosity to see the place. Now that everything seemed much more detailed and with a “new light” as Ayi figured for what was going on, she was soon wondering how the places she spent the most time at, looked like.

After what was definitely not a little walking and sightseeing, the two of them soon found themselves lost in the smaller pathways and alley-like detours within the port and craftsman areas. Unfortunately, all the walking around the less savory parts of the city soon incited the wrong kind of attention.

While walking around one of the smaller pathways still trying to find their way back to the palace, they were soon stopped by two thuggish looking men, Ayi was at first amazed on just how cliché they looked for the role they put themselves at, it took very few words from them for Ayi to know they were quite on point about how a robber would talk and threaten others.

She honestly didn’t pay much attention to what they were saying, it was quite obvious what they wanted, and most important what their role was in her 'dreams'. She wasn’t happy, or proud of this part of her nightmares… It was just how they usually went, regardless of how she felt about it, the silver lining was that at the very least she would get some degree of cathartic relief… Even if feeling a little guilty about the vindictive role she always took.

At this point she was just staring at the two thugs, waiting for the moment the face of the pair of lowlifes would just suddenly convert onto those faces of the malicious self-important buffoons she once had for coworkers…

But. It just never happened.

Their faces weren’t changing at all! She also soon realized a prickle of pain on her hands, as she had tightened her fist to such degree she was hurting herself, getting distracted then upon noticing Zoey taking cover behind her, soon realizing the panicked face of the little girl as she was trying her best to hide from the ruffians.

One of the thugs, tired of not having any response, just dropped his charade and took onto his hands the action he was sure it would bring results. Moving forward towards the both of them, with all the experience of someone that claims that which is not his, with a brute display of his force, threw his fist at Ayi.

It was then, several things happened just in the blink of an eye.

Zoey’s shrill cry, Ayi finding her view turned around all too quickly to understand what was going on, marked pain on her face, and a sickening crunching sound that echoed in the small pathway, making all those involved have their blood run cold in an instant.

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7-Dozing on cloud 9

Zoey was enjoying herself on her mistress arms. Trying her darnest best to focus on mentally reviewing the schedule she had planned for the day.

First!, A nice walk throught the market for some prime fresh food!, Second!, a brief stop for a picnic at the popular floral gardens, Third and final step!, a deluxe dinner that would surely make her mistress super happy! Yosh!

Still completely too distracted, she soon realized that her mistress was dismounting Feugan. Completely beffudled she was barely able to utter a confused sound when Ayi took her on her arms taking her down of the saddle.

It was that brief joyous moment when Zoey, on her mistress arms, she quickly changed her opinion of the day so far. Despite all her past distress, it was indeed a really good day.

But! the ride was all too short!! She was sure Feugan was the one to blame on this!! Surely he wanted to show off just how fast he would be able to take them to the kingdom! So while the trip was rather peaceful and not tremulous at all, it was too fast! Way too fast!! Read the mood please!!!

Well, the silver lining of all this was that mistress Ayi held her tightly against her during the whole trip… She was actually quite happy about that, so maybe Feugan going extra fast wasn’t such a bad thing…

Having arrived at a fraction of the time any mount would have taken to arrive from the mannor, she let a sigh of defeat over the subject and focused on what was going on.

Still in a brief dazzle of joy, she then realized that a guard had stopped them and Feugan was being taken to the mount’s pen.

“Oh… yeah… I guess Feugan is a mount… er, Mistress, shall we continue to the markets?”

She stated this trying to get a hold of herself and be as professional as possible after completely disregarding everything that was going on around them.
She had panicked a little at that realization and while Ayi was looking on the direction of the stables as a guard was escorting Feugan, she took advantage of this and quickly checked her attire.
A strategic stroke here and there to unwrinkle her little maid outfit, she pulled at the lacey armbands to straighten, rearrange and accomodate them as well as her headband, she checked her hair quickly as well. It was futile… She sighed, defeated by sheer the amount of inadequate points of her attire that she was unable to fix.

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6- Of trips and tribulations.

The ride to the kingdom was a smooth and fast one... Too fast actually! I am not one to start complaining about quick and uneventful trips, really! I certainly prefer those the majority of the time. But having the opportunity to travel on top of a Dragon!? My Dragon!! A quiet and super short trip while riding a dragon was just my kind of “good” luck. Tsk!

After a short-lived trip through the simple cobble roads, surrounded by the scenery of a lush forest, leading from my manor towards the southern entrance to the Kingdom. We now stood in front of one of the big, freakishly big portcullis. This is the sort of thing I always felt like I gave for granted within the game, but now within my dream it was as if maybe some part of my mind over exaggerated the proportions. The entrance was so wide it could most likely let pass through heavy siege weaponry… Heh. I suppose that is something I would focus on within my dreams.

Just as the entrance was wider than I could remember, the moat showing to be quite wide, the passage was longer as well. It was almost like a cave. The kingdom’s outer wall proved itself to be quite thick, the walk through the gate felt like taking a stroll inside of a cave. All this brought me plenty of ideas for scenarios defending and attacking such position, with possible positions to place heavy units with long ranged attacks, assessing the benefits of the moat itself as well…

Not long after passing the gate, with me distracted looking at the paved stone paths and medieval masonry all around, which I was rather familiar with. A soldier came running towards us. He stopped in front of us, hand held high, surely as the attitude that would most likely come for sure…

“H-Halt there!! No m-mounts can e-enter past this point without merchant permits or special concessions!”

Heh. The poor guard seemed to have been frozen in place as Feugan did not bother to stop after hearing the guard’s command, getting close to him he started sniffing him. Personally, I was not keen on this idea of leaving Feugan behind so soon and I was sure we could just run past through without any guard being able to catch on us… But what the guard said made sense and I was not too inclined on souring my mood trying to explain a gate guard how I should be able to do what I wanted within MY dreams.


Master decided to listen to the puny guard… Claims to be a guard, yet trembles in front of me! Well, that much is to be expected truthfully.

He remained back with the guard waiting to be lead to the stables, while Master and the little pup went ahead to acquire food.

Having decided it was quite an obvious result to have such an unimpressive guard in full distress upon him, Feugan snorted with a mixture of disappointment and resignation over his current situation, contemplating on the best course of actions to take now. Appreciating the stables and making notes on how to properly defend them from intruders, taking a good look at the faltering fence, unreliable wooden walls, it was a precariously kept stable.

While Feugan was making mental notes about entrusted abode in front of him, the poor guard could feel the overwhelming pressure just as he took in his hand the dragon’s Rein, the pressure of its presence and regality as the dragon stood behind him majestically! The responsibility of leading a dragon mount to the stables!! The humble stables that held mainly traveler mounts, mostly carry birds that couldn’t hold a candle to such an epic mount!!! In reality calling them stables was an overstatement, it was something more akin to an oversized bird’s pen.

Just as the poor guard was suffering of a serious case of weak knees, trembling in front of the small stables, Feugan decided he didn’t care to wait for his one-person-entourage to lead him to the pen. Thus, he just went ahead and with all the magnanimous dignity needed for a king to enter a foreign castle, he entered the oversized carry bird pen.

Feugan gazed upon the humble kingdom he was entrusted with. Deciding to guard it properly, regardless of its wanting size. Taking then place next to the entrance, determining he had to greet any newcomer in adequate manner and make certain they knew themselves safe once they see him. At his side, the trembling guard, small by comparison, perhaps even unfit to be called a guard by comparison as well...

One of the carry birds stepped forth, with its feathers holding a rather golden luster, fierce determined eyes showing that it was no pushover, it offered itself as a retainer for the time being. While the rest of his new retainer’s flock remained safe and well fed, Feugan sat on his hinder legs, the golden-feathered retainer now under his chin providing him with a much necessary fluff to rest and be ready for anything. He stood there, valiantly guarding this foreign kingdom. With the flock of subjects brandishing their pale-gold yellow feathers, Feugan knew then that protecting this new hoard of subjects would come in all too easy and natural. They were now safe, for thieves and thugs would never take nothing from him, he was the King (temporary) in the pen.

martes, 21 de noviembre de 2017

5- Tipping the scales

There, within the stable behind the manor, a stable that seemed more makeshift than possible, surely not one to be found in a proper manor or a farm, but almost as if one was to ask a lazy contractor “and something like a stable there”.
There it was, sitting within the stable it called home, more comfortable than anyone should rightfully be about the accommodations or the place.

As things concerned the inhabitant of the little stable, it was almost like any other morning, wake up, stretch, food, grooming, hugs and maybe a nap or two. BUT!!.
A few things made it quite different now!, which in turn made this morning into a special one, and already bustling with excitement.
Sitting on its hind legs, a small red dragon had been gathering its thoughts about the events that had taken place during his brief morning routine.

For starters, Master’s little pup came more excited than usual when bringing the food, which in turn lead to more hugs than normal, this was good. Hugs were nice and the little pup was always really soft.
Even better yet!, the extra hugs brought Skillups, this was good. Skillups were a result of honing your skills which in turn meant better effects when using them, and there is nothing more important for a warrior than constantly improving his own skills.

Lifting its right foreleg, at its own chest height, it made a sound that could pass for a person trying to talk by using only growls and with rocks in his mouth.
Following suit in front of the dragon, a videogame-like light blue semi translucent window appeared.
The dragon was not even interested in the reasons on why such an out of place window would appear, if it was something natural or not, or why would it appear under such a pretense of a voice command. Instead it focussed on the information within the aforementioned window.

[ Feugan ] [ Soulbound Dragon Ward ]
[ Skills: ]


Admiring his own skills, Feugan huffed full of pride after checking the improvement in his hugging skill.
Feugan had seen how happy Master’s little pup was when he first allowed her to hug him (and on each subsequent morning thereafter), he then realized Master could enjoy hugging him too, so it was definitely a good skill to hone. He was sure he was so good at hugging now.
Fortunately the little pup could always cooperate with this part of his morning routine, sometimes she would even join for one or two naps too.
The rest of the skills were sure to please Master too. Even Overeating! a skillup message would appear whenever the little pup brought more food with her to spend an afternoon sitting along him while feeding him. This seemed to made her happy, so he guessed it could make Master happy too.

He then stood up, moved towards a spot where a ray of morning sunlight had already warmed the floor. He sat down with just his hindlegs, puffed his chest again now feeling prepared and excited. This morning was special after all.
He could feel his Master’s presence within her house.

This was most likely the cause for Master’s little pup to be so excited, then again, she always seemed full of pep, so he was not totally sure about that. Decided look as impressive as possible to greet Master after she came out of her abode, so he looked around for the treasures he had already prepared before hand.
He took with his mouth some strips of ragged leather laying around on a corner of the stable, tossing em deftly he got them on top of his back and head.
His trophies of defeating goblins that had been lurking nearby Master’s home, surely he was now the most threatening visage any goblin would see for the last time.

While looking for more rags he had hidden in the stable, he felt his Master already coming out of the house, fortunately he was ready.
A few weird half broken primitive bone necklaces, some cloth rags and leather straps hung from him now.
"I am a warrior. I am Death". He thought, while standing ready at the stable. The little pup came along in a rush, she panicked when she saw him. It was only natural, he must be such a fiery visage wearing all his trophies. She immediately started taking them off much to his complains.

“WhyWhyWHY?!! Feugan you are supposed to look your best today!!! where did you even get those rags?! Mistress Ayi is really coming! and you should be spotless!!”
After taking the trophies of a dozen (or so rounded up) fights off him, the little pup then took his bristle brush, one of the good leather reins and a saddle, now starting to prepare him.

Why would she say that? he was sure that was his best. Then again maybe she had a point, Master would be sad if she knew he had gone on his own adventures without her. Pondering on that idea, he lowered himself down allowing her to saddle him, he was looking forward to ride with master on an adventure, maybe some food, and a nap.

He was still making a list of things they would do, while the little pup broomed him again, she finally took the reins and guided him to finally meet Master.

This was definitely an exciting morning.