miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

2 posible bgs

Ok so i was working yesterday and i got this done, tho im not too sure which one looks better now lol. will have to think it thru.

viernes, 25 de enero de 2013

the past screamer

so i was making the ase sketch for the next page and this kinda image poped up, obviously it needs LOTS of work yet, but the basic idea is there also i couldnt get myself to change the expression on the hatchling a single bit.
obviously at some point i just gave up with the perspective no the relative on the chocobo and just wanted to get a good laugh while just depicting the position he was suposed to be at, as for what should i do next, maybe just rethink everything, the orc on the back for some reason it looks fairly good to me, the one in front is all wrong with the angles and will need to be redone obviously... ugh work work

martes, 22 de enero de 2013

the rappier

so i was playing with this picture of a sketch i had done for the next page of my comic, we have seen it before and i was pretty much at ease with the pose and the posibilities of what i could do, but the sword simply bothered me, for Auric i would like to have him use rappiers, i have seen the fights during the olimpics and on games like sould calibur and i was content with him using such a nimble sword because it would allow to focus on fencing and attacking the right spots, checked some books and i did this.
This is definitly something i was not expecting, as i was telling a dear friend of mine, i have come to a point where while im drawing somerthing i cannot recognize my lines anymore, its no joke, was kinda surreal at some point, and im very happy i must say that much, its kind of a mark on my progress, kind of a point where you suddenly stand and think to yourself "thinks are changing" and im liking that.

sábado, 19 de enero de 2013

Iya arms

I dediced it had come a long time since i did Iya's arms for the last time and i wasnt totally convinced by the first result so i decided it was time to work on this again, you know, until it hurts to draw so much detail XD
its kinda based on several ideas i had back then along with some influence from several places, not sure if i wanna go along with this one tho.

Moar sketches going on

the sketches so far, not really convinced 100% but maybe its just me
 this one is for auric checking on equipment
Iya a lil concerned on Auric's choice of words

lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012

nsfw heh

i was talking with a good friend of mine when suddenly this idea poped into my mind, it was so vivid and the need to put it on the computer was so strong that i had to put a halt to everything iw as doing and proceed to do this, i hope more burts of creativity like this one happen this year, yay XD

and yeah its Xar, it happened cause of the convo

domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2012

moving foward

One thing that i decided to do a little bit more nowdays is to watch more of the livestream recordings of some of the artists whose works i enjoy at deviantart, this always brings me a lot of ideas and i like to think of this as a learning experience.

I gotta admit that the whole concept of that seems a little unerving to me since i cannot help to think im watching a master of the art perform in while im watching over their shoulder, weirdly enough not cause of the whole stalker'ish issues this brings, for some reason im at peace with this, but rather cause i can feel the bar raising every single moment i watch them draw, its almost as by watching them wark more and understand the what and how the do it i set myself for even higher expectations for my own works, while it might sound interesting and even motivational to some degree, lets just face it, im just looking for some disapointment on every stroke after that.

I dont like to think negatively, no, no, but some part of me always does, i think this might happen with everyone and while some find it challenging to best oneself, i always like to take my own pace and it somehow brings me to a point where i want to improve faster, sometimes faster than my spare time can allow for practice.

I guess all of us sometimes want to do our things at our own pace, but we have no otehr choice than to live at the pace life allows.